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Sedood international company based in Amman, Jordan since 2010 and then we expanded to our offices located in NY, USA & Baghdad, Iraq. We offer technical, management & Supplying irrigation equipments system & heavy machineries as well as engineering expertise through a team of professionals with particular skills that can help our customers in particular ways. Collectively, these occupations add advantage to the work we do by saving time, effort & money. That is chiefly useful in administering projects that demand us to regulate many models of input: technical skills, equipment, commodities, staff training, financial administration & information technology. Our customers know that every project we supervise is being managed in the best tolerable way, with all it’s elements in place, & with a guaranteed outcome in view.

Our main concern & targets are to support, serve & follow up with all the requirements & needs of the global market & especially Iraqi market by supplying the best qualities which it match the Iraqi specifications, dealing with the most reputed firms manufacturers who are focusing on quality, service & customer satisfaction process after sale.

We build a long term of agreements with a very familiar & well-known manufacturer names in USA, Europe, South America & Asia. & grant their exclusive representations which already have a successful history with the Iraqi market long time ago. Our company is proud of being a respected name in the Middle East region & gives the effort to fulfill any of your valuable requirements to participate in any role that going to start developing Iraq.

We become expert suppliers of pipes, in 2012 we had supplied the ministry of water resources in Iraq the HDPE pipes PE 4710 (Polyethylene) sizes (30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 63”) for project budget 3.5 million Dollars, all imported from USA, also we supplied for the same project above from Turkish firm, pipe connections such as flange, adapters, unions, and etc. also two welding machines budgeted 1.5 million Euros.

We also can supply:

  • GRP pipes (Glass Reinforced Polyester) of different sizes with accessories & connections.
  • Ductile iron pipes in various sizes with connections.
  • Raw materials for pipe making (Resins).
  • We can offer to supply Butt Fusion machines for pipe connections with training to avoid using flanges in pipes connections.
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