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Eng. Zuhair Khaled Al Khudairy, Civil Engineering graduate from Baghdad University in 1972. & his son Mr. Mohammad Zuhair Khaled Al Khudairy, is I.T Engineer Graduated in 2004. Are the owners of Sedood International for General Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd

Since April 1976 – September 1990 we were specialist in civil work, roads constructions work & has imported the following equipments from:

Messrs Marini (Italian firm):
Asphalt plant capacity 50T/hr.
Asphalt finisher.
Asphalt roller 7 tons (1) Tyres roller.
Prim coat spreader (1).
Marini asphalt finisher with spare parts for all of them.

Messrs Webow (German firm):
Asphalt plant capacity 130T/hr.
Asphalt finisher.
Steel roller.
Asphalt finisher from Voglla – German company.

Messrs Mercedes-Benz (German firm):
Two double axel dip trucks were imported directly from them.
Two double axel dip trucks were imported through the Iraqi government.
Two excavators.
Crushing plants complete with sieving unit capacity 120T/hr from B.H.S. (German firm).
Crushing plant from Parker (Engineering firm) size 105 bought through Iraqi fair.
Two crushing sets size (3) parkers bought from local (new).

We had other equipment’s bought from local markets:
Two bulldozers.
Two graders
Water tankers
Dip trucks
Spare parts for all equipments.

And had completed the following projects:

#Project NameClientPeriodBudget
1Internal roads of touristic village in Habania lakeTenet French Company6 months450,000.000 I.D
2Al Wehda Airbase in Basra Iraqi Air Force 26 months1,550,000.000 I.D
3Nasria bridge & intersectionsLocal Authority 3 months300,000.000 I.D
4Mdayna Bridge & intersectionsChinese Company 4 months450,000.000 I.D
5Khumate Bridge & intersectionsLocal Authority 4 months480,000.000 I.D
6Al-Riyde Airbase in BajeeIraqi Air Force28 months1,800,000.000 I.D
7Bajee refinery internal roadsSeveral French companies5 months600,000.000 I.D

Between 1990 – 2006 we made several studies of highly technical for various projects, which were hardly found in Iraq, to avoid competition.

Afterward we had completed the visibility study for one of them which were purely chemical (Resin making), we open it’s L/C in a budget of 5.6 million marks.

The plant manufacturer had started production after he received the 10% from the budget as down payment, he informed us by the end of 2002 he couldn’t ship the plant due to the embargo on Iraq.

In between we got hold on 2 units of K. Span building system for stores making in which there is no need for any steel structure & you can go for span up to 24m. the raw material is steel sheet plate coil of thickness 1m.m

The corrugation & arching were done by those machines. We have constructed many stores in Iraq of different sizes some of them starts from the ground the others were upon the wall of different highest.

For the time being, we refound our company in Jordan under the name of Sedood International, for export & import, our activities to supply the Iraqi market with all kinds of civil engineering equipment’s such us pumping stations for water supply, computers, and electrical equipment’s.

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